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Code Mentors

Experienced Bitcoin and Lightning devs who want to give back and grow new talent

Seeking Mentoring

Plebians who are new to open source, or who are freshly out of bootcamp or code school, and are looking to contribute to their first OSS project

New Open Source Project Developers

Are you Starting a new OSS project in bitcoin or lightining, and are you looking for new Contributors? This is the place to be.

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The blog is used for articles. Each new article will be an valuable step in a pleb's bitcoin and lightning developer journey.



A list of Events at, both past and present in Discord. Last updated 9 Dec 2023.

The Unwritten Rules of FOSS

The Unwritten Rules of FOSS

Beyond the formal licenses and coding conventions, there exists a set of unwritten rules that govern the behavior and interactions within and holds the open source community together.

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