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About Plebnet.dev

A story about Plebnet.dev and why we exist

A story about Plebnet.dev and why we exist

About Plebnet.Dev

Welcome to Plebnet.Dev, where the future of Bitcoin and Lightning is actively crafted.

What sets us apart?

  • Mentorship and Guidance: While there are many places bitcoin enthusiasts can gather such as a local meetup or a bitdevs, how does one go from being a bitcoin enthusiast to an open source contributor?

    If you’re not experienced, you might have a lot of questions, such as:

    • How do I navigate open source development?
    • Who would be able to give some good advice?
    • How much time do I need to spend?
    • Where to start contributing?
    • What skills do I need?

    It can be both intimidating and confusing. To address this gap, we created the plebnet.dev group so that new folks can get some guidance. Mentors can help show newcomers the best way to contribute, perhaps even to their existing projects. For example, if you’re an experienced contributor and have a project, you might want help with testing and with documentation. Maybe there’s just too many good first issues and not enough hands to help. This is the place to grow future contributors!

  • Active Building not Passive Learning: One of the biggest road blocks in learning how to code is getting stuck in tutorial hell and working in isolation while developing bad habits. An alternative way is to actively work together to build projects from the beginning and start contributing to real world projects as soon as possible. We’re committed to the learn, build and feedback loop.

Feedback Loop

  • Real-time Engagement: To get a glimpse into our activities, come to a meetup in our discord server or checkout our github. It offers a sneak peek into the pressing topics we discuss, the innovations we’re steering, and the camaraderie we share.

  • Diverse Perspectives: With active members hailing from various countries, our discussions are rich, our solutions innovative.

  • Cost-Effective Infrastructure: We understand that individually running lightning and nostr services can be financially draining. That’s why, by joining us, members get to utilize these services at a more economical rate, freeing up their time and resources to dive straight into building. We are 100% self funded from memberships, donations and merch.

By joining us, you’re not just participating in another developer space – you’re stepping into a passionate community hell-bent on driving Bitcoin and Lightning development and innovations. Curious to learn more? Dive deep into the resources we’re developing at Plebnet.dev/resources.

The Creators

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