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Introducing Plebnet.dev Resources

At Plebnet.dev, our aim is to continually enrich our users’ experience. We’re thrilled to present a new suite of resources that we believe will be invaluable for the community. While we’re still in the process of organizing and perfecting how these resources will be displayed, we invite you to explore them in this interim format.


  • LNBits Testnet Explore the Lightning Network on testnet. A playground for developers and enthusiasts. Check it out here

  • Testnet Lightning Node Core Lightning on Testnet. Feel free to open a channel to us.
    Find us here

  • Testnet Faucet For testnet funds, see htlc.me.

  • Signet Lightning Node Feel free to open a channel to us. (Coming Soon)

  • Signet Faucets In the pipeline. Stay tuned!

  • Rate Converter See how many satoshis your fiat is worth. Check it out

  • Nostr Metadata Backup your Nostr profile, relays and data using this tool.

  • Nostr Relay An LNBits integrated Relay - access with Testnet sats, for project testing.

  • Nostrogen A fork of the simple nostr vanity address generator.

  • Plebnet Wiki Wiki created by the Plebnet Community at Large

Your feedback and suggestions drive us. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this, whether it’s on GitHub or any of our other platforms.

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