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Q2 update

Q2 2024 Plebnet.dev update

A few items: First we have a new matrix chat room for those who prefer not to use Discord. The mentors list is also posted here on the website. If you are looking for someone to help with your goals, please check out this page.

Pasta Gringo has kindly set up https://pubs.plebnet.dev/api/v2/ which is a clone of nostrcheck.me. If you are interested in working with him on building out a front end for plebnet.dev please do reach out on Discord.

Surfersol is lead moderator in Discord, for any event scheduling or issues please feel free to reach out to hiim. Bitkarrot is taking a sabbatical from plebnet.dev to focus on other projects, in particular, HiveTalk.

Syncmidi continues to lead the Euro Plebnet meetup, bi-weekly. We are now test running it on HiveTalk. See the events page for meetup time and link. He is also close to releasing cypher.space with a working admin panel in the coming months.

As always, keep building!

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