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Member Contributions To Open Source Software - March 2024

Member Contributions for March 2024

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In no particular order, let’s celebrate all the member contributions from Plebnet.DEV to open source software! Contributions are collected by a moderator in the discord every month so be sure to reach out to them before the monthly meetup if you would like to be mentioned on this monthly blog post. If you contributed and we missed it, please make a pull request and we’ll be sure to include it here!

XenonFun / rsafier

  • Worked on LNUnit is a unit-testing framework for Bitcoin Lightning network systems. It provides an easy-to-use interface for developers to write tests that check the functionality and performance of their Lightning network applications.
  • Worked on nlightning This project aims to provide a robust and efficient implementation of the Lightning Network protocol in C#. We adhere to the Basis of Lightning Technology (BOLT) specifications to ensure compatibility with other Lightning Network implementations.

Randy McMillian




  • created markdown monthly - to make it easier for non-devs to update the content
  • Add FOSS and Testnet Demo Blog posts to website PR - (coauthored with ecurrencyhodler)
  • Galoy/Blink.sv as LNBits funding source integration WIP PR
  • Phoenixd as LNBits Funding source integration WIP PR
  • ZBD as LNBits Funding source merged PR and is part of 0.12.4 release


  • coauthored FOSS blog post with bitkarrot (see above)

Tony / amsalmeron

Sean Gilligan / msgilligan

BloggingBitcoin / BrutusBondBTC

Maintainers contributing to Review and Merging PRs

Tony / amsalmeron

BitKarrot merged

Sean Gilligan / msgilligan


  • collected open source contributions and compiled this list.
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